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Knee-deep in the Heartland

A six-piece ensemble of friends and experienced musicians could only lead to good things. In spring 2017 ENGLISH released its debut album, There’s Nothing New Under the Sun, features a broad range of sounds from the retro rock vibes of “Waiting” to alt-country stompers like “Devil You Know.”

This wide spectrum of influences is glued together by the band’s tight rhythm section, blistering horns and dynamic lead vocals.

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Hans Decker – trumpet
Thomas Doggett – saxophone
Christopher English – vocals/guitar
Justin Goes – bass
Russ Tomlinson – drums/percussion

A special thanks to the friends who graciously contributed guest vocals to There’s Nothing New Under the Sun: Luke Fox (tracks 4 & 9); Patresa Hartman (track 6); Courtney Krause (track 9); Diana Weishaar (tracks 1, 3 & 4).

All songs written and recorded by Christopher English. Final production by the ENGLISH band. Album drums written and recorded by Gavin Moore. Acoustic guitar on track #8 by Alex Moore. Associate production by Bailey Enslow, Matthew Miller and Gavin Moore. Mastered by Ben Lindell.  ENGLISH,© 2017 – All rights reserved.