No one knows the ebb and flow of the days as they unfold
Still we fight to see the path that lies in wait down this road.
Will this love go all the way? Will I be a dad someday?
Are the questions of a man whose second chance haunts his brain.
Cuz there is a war inside my mind
A battle to know the answers why
And honestly, I just need reminded that everything is going to be alright

No one knows where we all go when it’s time to give up the ghost
We want so bad to believe that life will carry on through the soul
As others have died I was spared that fate
There’s no way in hell I cannot be afraid if deep down inside is where the cancer lies in wait
Cuz there is a war inside my mind
A battle to live each day outright
And honestly, time seems so benign until you’re standing before your divine
Honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

There is a war inside
There is a war inside my mind
To live by my own design
And see every day as a blessing refined by the love that we shine.

Lyrics by Christopher English, ©2017 All rights reserved.